TonArt »Celestial Matter« · D. Harper u.a.

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TonArt »From These Hands« · Bobby Jones

I've Lost - From These Hands
Beitrag aus… http://heartandsoullabel.blogspot.pt/2012/04/pre-order-has003-from-these-hands-by.html (April 2012)

Release notes:

I once wrote that you could see right through Bobby Jones by listening to his music. Laying bare his emotions so deeply that you instantly get the feeling that you know him for several years. A quality which is not easily achievable by everyone.

 From These Hands is made of the same substance, a guitar working its way towards deep emotional fields, delicate and at the same time unstoppable. I’ve Lost crafts his music building in tension slowly but decisively.

Additionally, From These Hands paved the way to the poem I wrote called All things yet to be shaped, which is the interpretations I made of the music Bobby presented, and finally the ten parts of the poem were illustrated by the simple yet complex work of Ivo Hoogveld, allowing a true mixed media release crafted in a chain reaction way, adding several layers of interpretation for different senses.

Leonardo Rosado

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